International shipping will be the year 2016 will be the curtain

International shipping will be the year 2016 will be the curtain

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  In September 27th, the ship inspection bureau director Zhou Wensheng, deputy director of the Sun Chengling line to the Anhui Province China Shipbuilding manufacturing Limited by Share Ltd, the first domestic energy efficiency demonstration research ship construction, and guide the relevant inspection work. The ship is seized by the ship inspection bureau of wanjiang.

  At the scene of the ship, director Zhou Wensheng and his delegation listened to the director of the shipyard and Wuhu Wan Feng Shipping Co., Ltd. introduced the production of the ship, and detailed understanding of the technical key points, difficult problems and quality control measures of the ship in the construction of the ship responsible for the inspection of the ship. Subsequently, Zhou Wensheng and Sun Chengling, deputy director of the two people came to the ship construction site, inspected the construction of high energy demonstration ship, and asked relevant surveyors.

  Director Zhou Wensheng affirmed the energy efficiency demonstration vessel construction and quality inspection work, he asked the surveyor to strictly control the quality of ship construction, efforts will be the first domestic energy efficiency demonstration boat to create quality engineering and quality engineering. He also hopes that all parties work together to strengthen communication and coordination, common good construction quality.

  The first domestic energy efficiency demonstration boat built by shipyards and shipping enterprises in our province, our province inspection agencies inspection independently, its R & D and manufacturing has made significant substantive progress. Its successful construction and inspection will play a positive role in the Yangtze River water transportation practice "green, environmental protection, innovation" concept of development.

    International shipping will rely on the international level and years China characteristics has become the scale of international shipping industry the largest and highest level, the most popular forum, enjoys the reputation of "maritime Davos" in the international society. Since the 2004-2015 has successfully held twelve session, "International Maritime Conference 2016 will be held on November 3-4 to China economic and financial, trade and shipping center in Shanghai.

    As a host and organizer of the annual meeting is COSCO and China Shipping Group of two after the reorganization of the "China ocean shipping group" for the first time the lead organization, will uphold the high level, international and professional characteristics consistent set, inside and outside the top experts in a church, the effort to build a high-end international exchange platform.

    The annual meeting will be invited to economic, trade, shipping, ports, logistics, shipbuilding, finance, trade, information, manufacturing and other international shipping industry chain related party representative, in the stage of the construction of international shipping center Shanghai, to build a new international shipping ecology "as the theme, the new mechanism and new mode together explore the traditional shipping industry how to build a win-win situation in the new era, the development of new plastic energy.