Structural designer

Post responsibility:

1, sheet metal product design, drawing, process documentation;

2, product technical services and after-sales support;

3, production site process guidance;

4. Establishment of enterprise standards and technical documents;

Job requirements:

1, under 35 years old, college degree or above, mechanical, electrical and mechanical or related professional;

2 、 more than 5 years of design and development experience in mechanical and sheet metal manufacturing enterprises;

3, hold SOLIDWORKS, CAD, skilled use;

4, positive attitude, optimistic, easy to communicate;

Electrical Engineer

Post responsibility:

1. Research and improvement of electrical products;

2. Solve the electrical trouble of products;

3. Technical service and after sales support;

4. production site construction guidance;

5. Establishment and improvement of enterprise standards and technical documents

Job requirements:

1. 32 or less, electrical or mechanical and electrical professional, college degree, will use the commonly used drawing software;

2. 5 years work experience in electrical design position;

3. at least 3 years of work experience;

4. with strong practical ability;

5. With sheet metal design experience and electrician certificate priority.