China Shipbuilding Quality Standard,China ship repair quality standard officially released

China Shipbuilding Quality Standard,China ship repair quality standard officially released

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    In December 28th, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the national quality inspection administration, the National Standardization Management Committee jointly held in Beijing in the "China shipbuilding quality standard" Chinese "quality standards" in the national standard English version of the press conference, the two standards are to be implemented in January 1, 2017. 

    Two criteria for the first time from the national standard level, comprehensive system provides the key points of quality control, inspection items, precision requirements, repair provides basic technical support for ship design and construction, and to promote the upgrading of China shipbuilding industry transformation, has important significance to participate in international competition. Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and commerce, member of the Party committee of the State Administration of quality supervision and inspection and director of the national standards committee, attended the meeting. Li Dong, director of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and industry, Tian Shihong, interpreted the two standards.

    Xin Guobin stressed in his speech, China's shipbuilding industry should adhere to the "2025" China manufacturing determined "quality first" principle, take quality as the lifeline of building manufacturing powerhouse; adhere to the standards to guide and improve equipment manufacturing quality competitiveness; adhere to the standard first, promote China shipbuilding "quality upgrading". At present, China has become a big shipbuilding country, but the shipbuilding quality and brand image is still a gap compared with the world advanced shipbuilding countries. The next step is to vigorously promote the construction of quality brand, which will be the main direction of China's shipbuilding industry. He pointed out that the "13th Five-Year" period, China's shipbuilding industry should be based on cutting-edge technology and research, major innovation projects and projects, green manufacturing, and the sharing of resources, accelerate the pace of "going out" is to enhance the level of standardization in the construction of 5 aspects; in 2020 and strive to establish a new system of comprehensive marine industry standards with international standards in order to promote China's shipbuilding industry, realize the transformation from large to strong support.

    In his speech, Tian pointed out that the promulgation and implementation of the two standards of "China Shipbuilding Quality Standard" and "China ship repair quality standard" are of great significance. For the first time, from the national standard, the system quality requirements for shipbuilding and ship repair were put forward, and for the first time the national and English versions of the national standard were released simultaneously. The content of the two standards is very rich, and it has taken nearly 2 years from the start of the preparation standard to the introduction of the standard, and the parties have paid great attention to it.

    Li Dong made a detailed interpretation of the background, preparation process, main content and major role of the two standards. He said that through the benchmarking analysis, the two standards have achieved the full coverage of the international ship construction and repair quality standards and ship structural safety standards research (IACS REC.47), and will become the "hard constraint" of China's shipbuilding quality and ship repair quality".